Wallpaper Design Ideas

Wallpaper design can be a bit tricky…
What colours, what background images, what fabric, what finish?…

The list goes on.

We recommend starting with these two questions:
1) Which room do you want to add wall art to?
2) What feeling do you want to create?

If you want wallpaper ideas your your office, or children’s bedroom, you already have a better indication of the design of wallpaper you will start looking at. For an office you don’t want Winnie The Pooh…

If the feeling is one of calm, you will then start looking at Nature themes. We are continually looking for and adding wallpaper designs to the suggested categories, but please feel free to pop an idea in our IDEA BOOK.

Take a look at the DESIGNS section from the menu above,  or phone / email NUWALL for advice on themes, and a quote on the wallpaper you wish to install on your walls.