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NUWALL Wall Print Materials

NUWALL Beautiful Wall Prints and Material specifications

Seamless one piece wall designs

An ideal method of producing seamless one piece graphics for commercial and residential wallspaces.
NUWALL canvas provides an excellent print surface for large format UV, Solvent and Latex printers.

The printed product has the look and feel of canvas wallpaper, with the advantage that there are no join lines to spoil the finshed wall design.
Allowing you to have the most intricate artworks and images.

Another advantage is that fewer joins means less chance of damage to the edges, resulting in a product that stays looking good for longer.
Printing wall spaces in one piece also eliminates colour issues, which can happen when tiled wallpaper is used.

NUWALL canvas provides architects and designers with the perfect solution to dress large wall areas seamlessly.

The print surface can be a high as 3.2 meters by whatever width is required.

Media Specifications:

  • Available in 3.2 x 50 meter rolls
  • 100% PES fabric
  • Does not crack when folded
  • Gets applied using wallpaper paste
  • Looks and feels like canvas
  • B1 Fire rated
  • Water resistant
  • Off white in colour
  • UV curable ink ready