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How to Order NUWALL

NUWALL is an easy to use canvas wall décor material! Choose from our many suggested designs with an ever growing database of categories to find the perfect wallpaper designs that suit your decor.

You can also find and supply your own images and vectors from free vector websites such as:,, and others.

Our beautiful product enhance every decor, be it your bedroom or office. If you crave for more, you can also get your very own customized wallpaper!

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Wallpaper for Wall Materials

NUWALL wallpaper Application and Placement Suggestions

Application & Placements

Wondering how to engage your employees and make them productive and creative with office spaces that ignite creativity? Use these Wall Decor Tips for your office space!

For image placement suggestions feel free to ask your NUWALL consult for advice!

NUWALL Textured and 3D Wallpapers

Textured and 3D concepts

Do you want to create an everlasting impression on your guests? Do you want to live in a fantastic home with beautiful décor? Then use Some of 3D and Textured Concepts

To make your home uniquely decorated!

NUWALL Canvas Textured Wallpapers bring out vibrant colours

Canvas Textured Wallpaper

These wallpaper for walls provide a textured finish. The vibrancy of colours ensure that your walls tell a visually great story. Installed using the traditional method of applying a mixture of paste & adhesive and voila – your walls are a sight for sore eyes.

  • Rough Texture
  • Water Resistant
  • Green Colours
  • No overlap on joints
  • Installation with paste & adhesive